thematic comparison?

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What is thematic comparison and how does it apply to Doors of Bishop Bernward?


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  • Sofia

    Thematic comparison is a comparison between scenes to develop a point or a theme. On the left of The Doors of Bishop Bernward is the Old Testament and the New Testament is on the right. The scenes on the the left correspond to the scenes on the right through similar themes, even though the left is read from top to bottom and the right is read from bottom to top.

  • Justin R.

    Thematic comparison is where you have a number of scenes that happen to relate to each other and make them relate to each other as to form a centralized theme. The doors of Bishop Berward show different scenes from the Old and New Testament. They relate in that they are stories told from the Bible. These stories are put together as a form of timeline from the time of Adam and Eve, to Christ’s Ascension, and so on.

  • jack Markey

    The Thematic comparison is viewing two scenes and reaching a conclusion on a point or the theme of the piece. The left door’s narrative runs from top to bottom and tells the Old Testament stories of Creation and the Fall of Man in the upper four panels and the Expulsion from the Garden to the Cursing of Cain in the lower four. The right door narrative runs from bottom to top. The lower four panels tell of the infancy of Christ from the Annunciation to the Presentation at the Temple, and the upper four tell parts of the Passion and after the Resurrection. The chronological narrative thus makes a U shape.

  • Nick R.

    The comparison between two scenes or points that can develop or portray a specific theme with art or literature. This portrays the difference between paradise lost and paradise gained, the tree of knowledge vs. the tree of life, and separation of god vs. reunion from god

  • sunny

    Thematic comparison is the comparison between scenes to develop a theme or message. The left side of the door portrays the old testament. The right side of the door portrays the new testament. The top two panels talk about paradise lost vs. paradise gained. The second two compare greetings. The third two compare tree of knowledge vs. tree of life. The fourth two compare judgment. The fifth two compare separation of god vs. reunion with god. The sixth two compare poor vs. wealth. The seventh two compare abel’s lamb and the lamb of god. The last two compare despair, sin and murder vs. hope and everlasting life. These two sides of the door portray ideas from the old testament and new testament and provide a comparison between the two books.

  • Mimi

    sorry it took me so long to do this i completly forogt. Thematic Comparison is the comparison bew=tween 2 or more peice of art that relate to each other in some way.The Bishop Doors are an example of this because one half of the door is the new testement and the other side is the old testiment. Both sides have pictures that represent the bible.

  • rachel mccullough

    Thematic comparison is a comparison between two scenes in order to develop a theme. The Bishop Bernward’s Doors are a perfect artistic example of thematic comparison. A series of comparisons are found on these doors. These comparison include Paradise Lost vs Paradise Gained, Greetings, the Tree of Knowledge vs the Tree of life, Judgement, Separation From God vs Reuinion With God, Firstborn Sons of Eve and Mary; Poverty vs Wealth, Abel’s Sacrificial Lamb vs the Lamb of God, and Despair, Sin, and Murder vs Hope and Everlasting Life. The two doors also compare the Old and New Testament.

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